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Levante left with a point in Barcelona

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Espanyol and Levante failed to score in the first game analyzed by record of soccer predictions of the 9th round of La Liga. Both teams missed a few good times, and once the beam helped the guests to hit the draw. Thanks to the winning point, Levante stayed ahead of today`s rival in the standings and there was only one loss of foreign terrain since the start of the season.

Up to the break was more dangerous for the attackers. In the 26th minute, Campaign shot with a head but right in the hands of Pau Lopez. Shortly thereafter, Jose Morales kicked off. At the end of the half-time, Mark Navarro tried to surprise Levante Raul Fernandez`s watch from a foul, but without success. After the break the roles changed and Espanyol dominated. In the 62nd minute, Pedro Lopez defeated Gerard Moreno from the goal and, with the addition, Leo Baptisteo did not hit the empty door. The most interesting moment was in the 75th minute when after the ricochet the ball broke from the crossbar of the door of Levante, and then Raul Fernandez in a magnificent way saved the shot with the head of Sergio Garcia.

In the 82nd minute, Moreno headed the ball into the guests` door, but the referee Udinese Maijenko canceled the goal for an attack offense.





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