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Bayern is already a step away from the final

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With ease, Bayern (Munich) eliminated Paderborn 07 and qualified for the semi-finals of the German Cup. Bavarians won 6:0 as guests and are already waiting for their next rival. Kingsley Commander (19 u0026 rsquo;), Robert Lewandowski (25 u0026 rsquo;) and Yoshua Kimih (42 u0026 rsquo;) decided everything before the break, and then accurately were Torelis (55) and Arien Robben (86 u0026 rsquo;). The only worry in the champions` headquarters is that of Thomas Muller, who was forced to leave after about half an hour of play.

For the trouble-free success of Bayern helped the open game of the rival, who is generally the leader in the Third League. The hosts were not afraid of their eminent opponent and were looking for a way to score a goal. Once they struck a beam, and made a pass on an empty door, but all this was already at 0:4. Their goal was not scored yet at 0:0 after the judges judged that there was an ambush. For the team of Jupp Heynckes, this was the lightest rival in the draw, and luck finally smiled at the Bavarians, as they had to visit the RB (Leipzig) and Borussia (Dortmund) in the first place.

Jerome Boateng and Javier Martinez missed the match because of health problems but all the other stars were online. The coach responded responsibly and did not make any reservations.

The duel was special because it was the first time in the tournament to use the VAR video technology to deal with the points at stake. Until it came into use, however, it did not reach the important moment at the start of the match according question for soccer picks against the unpredicted Paderborn goal. Bayern missed a lead in the 3th minute when the home keeper saved a Lewandowski`s head.

Surprisingly, Paderborn`s players looked boldly ahead and in the 8th minute Marlon Ritter managed to score a goal but the judges decided there was an ambush. But this was very controversial.

In the 15th minute, Lewandowski remained unhappy with the referee`s decision to stop his attack. The repeats saw that there was no such thing. Seconds later Arien Robben approached frighteningly in his attempt to center and failed an excellent Bayern attack. In the 19th minute, however, nothing could save the hosts and Commander opened the score. In the attack, Thomas Muller suffered a stroke shortly after leaving the game.

In the 25th Lewandowski doubled after Coman`s assault, and three minutes before the break, Kimix made a 3-0 lead after being ambushed. Bayern continued with the goals and after the break, ten minutes later, Tolizo scored. In the 56th Ben Tsolinsky he shot the side beam of Sven Ulrayich`s door. Philip Teutz did not succeed on an empty door after a nasty mistake by Niklas Zuule. In the closing minutes Robben added two goals.

In the other quarterfinals, the pair are Bayer (Leverkusen) - Werder (Bremen), Eintracht (Frankfurt) - Mainz 05 and Schalke 04 - Wolfsburg.


0:1 Commander (19)

0:2 Lewandowski (25)

0:3 Kimih (42)

:5 Robben (86)

0:6 Robben (88)

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Blog of soccer win picks