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Valverde:It will be a mistake if we accept the winning title

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Barcelona`s senior coach Ernesto Valverde does not consider the title secure this season. His team led 11 points in front of second Atletico Madrid and 19 points to Real Madrid and the specialists are sure the battle is decided. It would be a mistake to relax, thinking everything in La Liga is clear. There are many games analyzed by livestream left to play and many points to be distributed. At the moment, I`m only interested in adding three new ones, `said the coach on the eve of the Espanyol derby. The duel in which the bowler is visiting is tomorrow at 17:15. Only a few weeks ago the two teams spoke in the Spanish Cup tournament. Then Barca lost 0:1 to RCD Stadium when he saw how dangerous the fellow citizens could be.

Espanyol will try to play again in the same way by betting on the press and enthusiasm. However, we are prepared. There is nothing to be surprised anymore. We do not accept this game as something different. We were visiting Atletico in Madrid, where the atmosphere was hostile. There is nothing to be afraid of, Valverde is categorical. The specialist has suggested that Captain Andres Iniesta will get a break and will be in reserve:If he is sitting on the bench, it will not be because we expect the rival to play hard but because I want to refresh the team. There are players who have accumulated too many minutes on the pitch.

Blog of soccer win picks