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Super Batshuay led Borussia (Dortmund) to Cologne`s success

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Borussia`s team (Dortmund) pulled a tough but valuable 3:2 win in their Cologne tour of the 21st round of the Bundesliga. The two teams created a real show, and the great character in the game was the new addition of the guests Mishi Batsuyai, who quickly began to pay off for the trust of the Dartmunds. The Belgian made two goals for his team in the 35th and 62th minutes and assisted for the third goal of Andre Schurle in the 84th minute. Goats also played a strong match and twice equalized with Zimon Zoller`s goal score in the 60th and Jorge Merre in the 69th minute, but eventually failed to take any of this game.

The guests started the game more forcefully and in the 8th minute Andre Schurle made a long shot, but by the door. However, Cologne`s response was not too late and the hosts were very close to opening the score in the 13th minute when Milos Jojic was found uncovered in the penalty area but his shot was saved by Roman Bukry. Just a minute later, the events moved over to the other door, where two Borussia players fell into the penalty area, but the referee allowed the game to continue, the ball came to Shonji Kagawa, who made a powerful jump and the ball bounced off the crossbeam.

In the 35th minute, Dortmunds came to the opening of the score. Jeremy Tolyan advanced almost to the out-turn and returned the ball to Mishi Batshuai, who immediately caught it in the door for 0:1.

In the 44th minute, Batshuai sent the ball to Cologne for the second time, but this time the attack was canceled because of an ambush. The goats started the second part better. In the 55th minute, Seru Girassi fired a shot that went dangerously past the door. In the 60th minute, the result according livestream was equalized. Dominique Heinz`s distant shot was badly knocked out by Bury and this allowed Zimon Zoller to send the ball into the empty door. But the joy of the hosts was short. In the 62nd minute, Batshuai took the ball from Heinz and sent it to the feet of Christian Pulisic, who immediately handed him a pass in the pen and the Belgian with a precise shot sent the ball to the far corner of the door for 1:2.

In the 69th minute, however, Kolon again came to an equalizer. A corner kick from Jorge Mere was eyed from the penalty spot and an accurate shot from 2:2.

In the 75th minute, Batshuai was again near the goal after a shot, but this time keeper Timo Horn was in his place and saved. At 81st minute, the guards demonstrated for the second time the class, reflecting a powerful shot of Shurle. In the 84th minute, however, the goalkeeper was powerless after Shurle with a brilliant shot gave him no chance to react and the score was 2:3. In the 86th minute Cologne was again close to the equalizer, with Hogger firing a shot and Sokratis Papastatopoulos swayed with a head and blocked the ball to reach the door. Thus, Borussia greeted with success and with a total of 34 points it came out at least temporarily in the second place in the standings. Cologne stays at the bottom of the table with 13 points earned so far.



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