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Luis Suarez boasts Kouttinho

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Barcelona striker Luis Suarez praised the new addition Philippe Coutinho, who debuted the team in a 2-1 victory over Alaves in the 21st round of the Primera Division. The Uruguayan also stopped at the episode at the end of the match when a penalty kick for Jumati was not given in the penalty area. We achieved our goals both teamly and individually and I was pleased that we knew what to do in the second half and we deserved the three points:In the case of Yumtiti the ball met his hand and the decision was the intention or not the judge`I was also punished for a penalty in the first half, but it was not decided. ` Cootinho played a good game, it was not easy to make a debut at Camp Nou, and the whole team was pleased with his contribution to the final predicted by contacts for soccer picks win, `Suarez said.

Blog of soccer win picks