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Lester left with a point from Stamford Bridge, and he could take three

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Chelsea and Leicester failed to score a goal at Stamford Bridge, but they played an interesting match, as the main merit of the guests. The `Foxes` dominated the first half and dropped some clean positions. In the middle of the second half, however, Leicester stayed with a lesser player, but Claude Pueel`s players did well in defense and did not leave any particular dangers at the door of Schmeichel who saved a blow from Marco Alonso`s foul in the added time. This was the fourth consecutive draw for the `blue from London` and the third consecutive draw. A change was made by Antonio Conte in his lineup - Antonio Rundegger replaced Andreas Christensen in the center of defense. The new addition Ross Barkley has not yet fully recovered and has remained outside Chelsea. Daniel Dreinkoutler was also out and could not play against his former team.

Ben Chilwell, Alexander Dragovic and Jamie Vardi started for Leicester at the expense of Morgan, Fuchs and Slimani. The guests started very actively and in the first 1/4 hour they created three or four clear positions and did not marvel at the result. First, the Okazaki saw the close center of Chile, but the ball went sideways. A minute later, Chillwell broke through and centered on Vardi, but that blow was not accurate. There was a new inaccurate shot of the central striker, and in 12th minute Curtoa saved a very dangerous shot with Nadyd`s head. The only more dangerous Chelsea attack in those minutes ended with a shot of Fabregas from a small angle, but Shameyel saved.

In the 32nd minute Gary Kahill suffered an injury and was replaced by Christensen. Five minutes later, Mauer crossed Rudiger with ease, then centered parallel to the goal but there was no one to detect the ball in the door of the Curtoa. Three minutes before the break, Fabregas fired a very dangerous shot from the border of the penalty area, but Shameyel knocked over the crossbar. This was the most dangerous situation the hosts managed to create before the break.

In the 56th minute, Marek claimed a penalty after falling into the penalty area as he passed by Christensen. But a signal did not follow. A minute later, the Algiers` shot ricocheted in a defender and went centimeters aside.

In the 68th minute, guests stayed less when Ben Chilwell asked two yellow cards within five minutes. The second was for a late entry into Moses` feet. After that time, Chelsea put pressure on it, but Conte`s players did not manage to create a clear chance at Shamecke`s door. In the added time, Alonso fired from a foul, the ball thumped into Leicester`s guard, but he managed to kill.

Chelsea remains third with a total of 47 points - as Manchester United has. Leicester is the eighth with 31 points.


Blog of soccer win picks