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Buffon spoke as sports minister

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Italy`s match according soccer predictions record player Gianluigi Buffon is voted for Botosha`s Sports Minister.The idea is for politician, art critic and writer Vittorio Sgarbi, who blames Juventus` 39-year-old guard in an interview with Vanity Fair.Sgarbi is the leader of the new political party `Revival`, which still has little support, but names such as Buffon`s will quickly gain voter confidence.Italy`s sport, Gianluigi is a balanced person who has given Italy a lot, and will soon quit his career, and he is very interested in politics and art, and his platform was very interesting, and he personally wrote that he liked our program.We saw an exhibition in Trieste, where he personally expressed his support, `praisedand Sgarbi.

The management career is also preferred by Buffon himself, who said he had no interest in the coaching profession.More realistically, however, he seems to be offered a post in the Juventus leadership

Blog of soccer win picks