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Spalets does not want to hear about new transfers

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Inter Milan coach Luciano Spaleti does not want to hear any talk about new players. According to him, he has enough good players to cope with the difficult situation. Inter has begun the championship analyzed by buy soccer predictions but now it is third, and it lags behind seven points by leader Napoli. Club operations are closely monitored by UEFA after having suspected a violation of the financial fairplay rule. `To continue saying that we have to spend a lot in this transfer window after the club has already set limits, it seems to be the best way to hurt. ` This also reduces the chances of improvement with what`The boys who are training must know that I fully believe in them, but they themselves have to be involved and know what it means to wear the T-shirt at Inter, ` said Spaleti before the meeting with Fiorentina tomorrow.

Blog of soccer win picks