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The year for Charley Austin is over

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Southampton scorer Charley Austin will miss at least two weeks of the season because of an injury. The attacker received a stretch in the back of the thigh and left the field forcing in the 79th minute with yesterday`s 1:1 against the visiting Huddersfield in the Premier League. Earlier in the 24th minute, Austin had led the hosts ahead of the fifth goal in their last seven Championship games, but in just over an hour the guests managed to level through Laurent Depot. The Worlds have no win in their last six games, with just one success in ten league adviced by soccer predictions matches and a 19-point marker being 13th in the standings, but only 3 points above the relegation zone. The injury to Austin means he will surely miss the heavy touches of Tottenham and Manchester United next week, as well as the Crystal Palace household on Jan. 2.

Blog of soccer win picks