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Liel temporarily removed Bielsa

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The Lille Team Lied Team Lille has temporarily removed coach Marcelo Bielsa without specifying a specific reason for that decision. In a Twitter message from Lilly, they say that the Argentine will not serve as a coach in connection with a procedure taken by the club. Earlier, it was known that Lille was looking for a way to release Bielsa, but he was pulling and demanding a 14m-euro compensation for early termination of the contract.

Versions have also emerged about the decision of the Northland leadership. According to Argentinean journalist Fabian Tabocado of Lille, they have decided to punish Bielsa for a trip to Chile. The reason for this was the coach`s wish to see her last friend and colleague, Luis Maria Bonnie, who was critically endorsed in a final-stage hospital.

Bielsa, who led Olympics Marseille in France, took Lille on February 19, and his contract was for two seasons.

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