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Caen picked up a point from Nice in the last second

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Caen saved himself from home defeat in the 13th round of the French League 1 against Nice, scoring 1-1 in the 90th minute of the match. Nice guests played without their big star Mario Balotelli, but they went ahead in the 40th minute. Dutch veteran Wesley Sneijder combined with Nakalis Mendy, then the ball fell into Alasan Plea. During the attack, Pierre Les Mello was initially ambushed, but the judge did not mark it. Then Plea combines with Les Melou who scored a powerful blow to the goalie goalkeeper Remy Vercouth. After the break, the hosts picked up their turn and Sanko scored an excellent situation, after which Ronnie Rodelen missed it. In the 92nd minute, Rodeleen, however, made his way back and hit an acrobatic blow on a back beam. Caen is ranked 6th in the 19th place, in 4 of the Europa League places, while Nice has only one win in the last five games via question for soccer picks and is 16th with 14 points, only two over the relegation zone.

Blog of soccer win picks