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Barca and Bayern stretch their hands to the French Felaini

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A 17-year-old talent at the Paris Saint-Germain football academy Yassin Adley may soon play in Bathleson. According to the Catalan edition, Sports los cules has spotted a teenager who will be 18 in the summer. The famous Frenchman Felainne, due to his resemblance to Manchester United`s Belgian midfielder Marwan Felaini, seems to have no desire to re-sign with PSG. Bayern (Munich) and Manchester City are also interested in him, and the attacking midfielder wants to put on either Barca`s shirt or Bavarian shirt, says Sport, citing a team.

The PSG is doing everything possible to keep Adley, but the player who has an impressive look at the game and a naked flair is more intrigued by the Barcelona project, writes Sport. The sum that the Catalonians will have to invest in his impressive youth league predicted by question for soccer picks championship if he does not rejoin his current club will hardly exceed 300, 000 euros, says Sport.

Blog of soccer win picks