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Four options for Everton as a new manager

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Everton discusses four options for a new club manager after Ronald Kumman was fired recently. According to Sky Sports, Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid is at the top of the list. Caramel owner Farad Moshiri sees the Argentinean person the right person who can make the team competitive with the other leading Premiership clubs by record of soccer predictions . But the release itself adds that Choolo is happy at Atletico and has recently renewed his contract by 2020.

Another option is Sam Allardyce, with whom preliminary talks have already been held. The plan is Big Sam to include his former assistant, Craig Shakespeare, who started this season at Leicester`s headquarters. The third option is David Nansworth, who is currently only leading Everton`s temporary coach, to be appointed permanently.

The manager of Warfat Markos Silva is the last fourth choice before the leadership of the Merseyside.

Blog of soccer win picks