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Curry crossed Johnson to the Trojans

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Steff Curry has overtaken Joe Johnson and is now ranked ninth in the rankings for the top three trophies in the NBA. The Golden State guard managed two wickets in the last game of Warriors, Detroit, and so 1942 successful shootings from a distance while Jay Jay remained the tenth with the 1940s. The next challenge for Curry is Jason Kidd, who is eighth in the standingswith 1988.

Last season Curry scored 324 threes, and in 2015/2016 he set a record of 402 threes for one season. Since 2012, he has always completed at least 200 shots from a distance. The two-time NBA champion also holds the highest number of threes in a match analyzed by buy soccer predictions - 13.

In the top 10 there are four active players - Vince Carter is seventh by 2054, Jamal Crawford is sixth by 2060, Kyle Corver is fifth with2067, and Jason Terry is third with 2242.

Otherwise, there are other active basketball players who are in high rank in this ranking - Dirk Nowitzki is thirteen with 1789 and this season is likely to overtake the twelfth Kobe Bryant, which has 1, 827 threes. JR Smith is the fifteenth with 1780, and Mike Miller is twentieth with 1590.

Blog of soccer win picks