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Shearer: `Klopp has not made anything for Liverpool!`

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The legend of Newcastle and the English national football team, Alex Shearer harshly criticised the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for the poor game adviced by soccer predictions of the team in terms of defense.

`If you listen to what Klopp is talking about, then you will be left with the impression that since he arrived on the team, he only goes in the ascending line.`, started Shearer.

`Yes, he got them back in the Champions League after the fourth place last season, which provides a lot of bonuses in respect of the trust of the management in him.`

`The truth, however, is that Liverpool with Klopp is no different from Liverpool with Brendan Rodgers. They are brilliant in the attack and barely know the defense. I wonder what Klopp is doing during training because there are the same errors in defense, week after week. Their draw against Burnley was ridiculous.`

`Liverpool impressed with the possession of the ball and hitting the door, but they didn`t learn their lesson regarding the most important benchmark - the goals. Klopp has to solve the problems in defense because the long-awaited title will remain a distant dream.`, added Shearer.

Blog of soccer win picks